Larry Madowo

Larry Madowo has revealed one thing that has always scared him; the dark. The former NTV news anchor revealed that to this day, he is still scared of nightfall since when he was a child. Reason? Witchcraft and night runners.

Larry Madowo

He spoke to his successor Amina Abdi on the Trend.

Let me tell you why I’m afraid of the dark, this is a serious thing. I grew up in Siaya ad we used to hear so many tales about witchdoctors, especially night runners.

Madowo told the story of how the fear started:

If you are walking in the dark and there is a guy who would run with a hyena across, its a rural myth is that these people are in the nude they run around with hyenas and try and scare you and when you are asleep they come to your window and you can’t move, you’ll be paralyzed

Adding that:

Growing up as a child i was paralyzed because the night was dark and full of terror.To date as a grown man, I’m still really scared of the dark. It makes no sense but just accept me as i am.

Larry Madowo

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Madowo made a comeback to the show a year after he left for BBC. He is currently working as a business editor in the media house.

Madowo had worked at NTV for six years as a news anchor. He hosted the Friday show ‘The Trend’ and had a column on the Daily Nation which he stopped writing weeks before exiting the media house.