Akothee's Mercedes Benz

By now it’s pretty clear that Akothee is among the richest celebrities in the 254 and she’s not apologetic about it.

When she first shared photos of her house, everyone was surprised because many didn’t think she was rich enough to build such a huge house, but madam boss in one lady who is full of surprises.

A couple of weeks ago, Akothee revealed the amount she uses to maintain her mansion and the amount is quite crazy.


They look good because someone is having sleepless nights to maintain them, I spend over 2m a month to make sure everything is in perfect condition for this homes 🙄, wakati hawajaniibia sana maybe around 1.5 m hapo, I once met someone in the plane on my way to England, and his first question was IS THAT HOUSE REALLY YOURS, And who are you ? Who is Akothee , he asked with a bold face ! He said he would like to visit RONGOSPAR AND SEE IF ITS TRULY EXISTING , how would you answer this questions

Clearly this is Akothee living by the lyrics of her song ‘Lotto‘. In that song, she won a lotto and she is living her best life, with her ‘boo’.

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