Ben Githae sang, “Ulianza na roho unamalizia na mwili kwa nini?”

Willy Paul has added kerosene to fire after he posted a picture of himself and Diamond Platnumz at his offices in Tanzania. Fans are not yet aware why Pozze was there but have instead gone ahead to attack the Tiga Wana hit maker, alleging that he is upto something with the secular artiste.

One Step Closer To Secular Music! Is Willy Paul Signing Under Diamond Platnumz’s WCB?(PHOTOS)

Making music with a secular artiste is not new to Pozze, he has already done it before, not once but twice.

After Diamond rejected his offer to do a collabo with him, the Fanya hit maker went ahead to copy all he would, to be Kenya’s Diamond. I mean, after all Baba Tiffah is his mentor.

Pozze even wants to lie to fans that he is married to a woman older than him just like his mentor. Anyway, lets not judge him, at least not today!

Check out some photos of Willy Paul and Diamond In Tanzania.

One thing I’m sure of, Willy Paul was at the Wasafi offices to sign up with Diamond’s new music selling app. After he refused to promote Willy when he was an upcoming artiste, he now wants to make money off the gospel kid?

As we wait for a collabo with the Wasafi’s, check out fan’s reaction;

Zurinah Zuri Larry: Willy ”’stop these bullshit plz” its either you sing gospel or secular apana song promotion ”ulianza tu ka mchezo ww na Allaine’ ‘tena umeanza mchezo mwingine tena”where are you heading”serve the Lord ur God with all ur heart mind soul and everything ”Diamond has nothing to offer you than bongo” go bak 4m where u started” uliimba sitolia tangu hapo umemea pembe sana”

Benjamin Benjah wrote, “willy shetani anakuandama na watu wao, umepotea hadi unaolewa na mtu rika ya mamayako shindwe.”

Jiamz Baibe: Khai! Kwani nyinyi hamjui Birds of the same feathers flock together. Haha wako sawa wakiwa pamoja walai c wake wao n age mates n wote n wasafi?????

Darlinng Qbouy: This idiot wil kill me one day,kwane ulienda shule kufunzwa ujinga, is diamond God? Unakuaga na umama mingi sana!

Jessika Osebe: Last time uliulizia tekkno miles collabo lkn haijawai kam thiz tym n diamond…spread a true gospel ….ile radi itakupiga young man pliz change 4 better ” ukweli mchungu n kua umearibu gospel industry… None of ur songs inachezwa kanisani….willy Paul,willy msafi,willy pozze,willy mchafuz,willy bronze ft diamond