Willy Paul
Willy Paul

Willy Paul has written an open letter to President Uhuru Kenyatta asking him to consider Kenyan artistes during this coronavirus pandemic.

According to him the government is doing nothing about the issue.

‘Dear Mr. President, my president. First and foremost I’d like to congratulate you on the good work that you’ve done so far and you are still doing.

Especially in this time of #corona.

Uhuru Kenyatta

My president, I have an issue. The entertainment scene has been hit badly and sadly no one seems to care about whatever is happening to us.

Entertainers from other countries e.g musicians, actors, producers, directors and comedians are getting help from their governments.. and here no one is even saying a word.

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Willy said that since the coronavirus pandemic started the President has not said something to assure artistes of their welfare.

‘The other day you had a press conference and all of us expected to hear our president’s thoughts on the entertainment scene. 

Unfortunately, you did not mention a thing. Mr. President, most of us depend on shows, gigs n e.t.c 

As we all know that our board of music has been having issues with the artists. 

The ‘Magnetic’ hitmaker added that they are being stolen from and no one is doing anything about it.

‘They’ve been stealing from us.. from ringback tones to every other things most of us depend on music for everything.

Mr. President. We have families that look up to us. right now we’re all home, not making any money.’

Willy Paul added,

‘Dear Mr. President, I’m just speaking from a musical perspective, if an established musician can feel the pinch like me.

What about the uprising who only makes 5000 shillings per gig and they still have to pay rent and feed their families?

 What about the common #mwananchi whose only hope is on mjengo, juakali, watchmen, mama mboga?

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Mr. President, I know you are a fan of Kenyan music, Kenyan content, Kenyans and you love your people. PLEASE REMEMBER US IN THIS DARK MOMENT.’

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