Willy Paul

Gospel singer Willy Paul has released a new song titled Alkaida but his fans aren’t feeling it at all.

An extract of the song goes like;

Alkaida, nimelipuka kama bom, ALKAIDA, samahani nikikubo, ALKAIDA, ntakupiga uKONDEBOY, ALKAIDA.. #POZZE, Nanukia kaa cologne, nivute kama…… mi ni yule king of flow call me commando, kazi ni kuomba tu na my make doh!

Willy Paul’s latest music has always left many confused whether he’s still a gospel singer or gone secular.

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Well, fans of the singer have reacted to his new jam and below are some of their comments;

Kelvin Karari: uombe Nandy beat yake #Aibu,then ukuje kufanya mathogothanio?..

Dennis: Itafika point hizi ngoma zako za upuzi zitakosa airplay kwa media… Uanze kuziskia to hapa kwa Ig ama na earphone kwa choo yani wewe sijui ni gospel unaimba ama mgoma za Alkaida budaa me I even got lost as a fan

Peter Karanja: Have you listened to Willy Paul’s latest garbage song called Alqaida…the young man has put the last nail on his flopping music career.

Mwaviswa John: Tulikukosea wapi lakini!!. Anyway disappointed but not surprised 😭😭

Prince Lolo: Willy acha tu gospel uende to tz u join wasafi na diamond uko roho safi

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Lynet_martin: Where did rain start beating you?? What happened to you?! You loosing it

Brandiepianist: Real appreciate you Willy. 😢 Is this gospel or? Does this song have any message?

Ernestdiha: Lakini content ni nini hapa 🤷🏽‍♂️

dat_lad_jade @willy.paul.msafi you are the only artist getting worse with time .. We as Kenyan music industry we wanna grow not being pulled back with bullshit like these.. Before you realize you won’t be getting airplay.. Seriously we should nor be supporting things like these.. This is madness.. Not music end

artin_ritzee You’ve totally lost it bro 🙄🤔 like what in the actual is this!!? 🙄

makau_fred Yaani msee umeenda enda gym sai unafeel unaeza kua Alkaida.

james.lukes For real pozee ,if I was u I could just turn to secular and accept that, u can’t worship God and still Bragg how good u are than secular artist, where even compare yourself to diamond platinumz, am telling because God doesn’t like hypocrites and pretenders

The singer recently lost one of his dancers, a lady identified s Val Smilley Aura.

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What do you think of the song?