Award-winning gospel singer Willy Paul is not a happy man. After he announced that he has changed and we have also seen that indeed he has, Willy says that some people are still tarnishing his name.

The controversial singer took it to Facebook to call out those tarnishing his name including a local blog that wrote and article about him vs Bahati who was recently appointed the Safaricom Facebook brand ambassador and it seems to have annoyed him.

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He posted a lengthy message to his followers accompanied by the screenshot below.

“I go through a lot of pain when I see the name I worked so hard for being taken advantage of… like I said , Bahati is my small brother and am always happy nikiona akiendelea… we grew up kwa the same mtaa mathare na Huruma.. so we both know how hard life is over there and am sure non of us would wish to go back to that life. I did not like what KTN posted on their Facebook page today.. the above photo is what they posted nikatukanwa…. if you click on the link it leads you to a reconciliation video… of Bahati and I.. the headline is there to confuse people and make me look bad… I love God and I believe that the same God that got me here will fight for me… Am not seeking sympathy I’m speaking my heart out coz this is too much for me to handle…. I know a lot of people may have been made to think and believe that am a bad boy… no don’t believe anyone family…. The change is real… and to Bahati… my brother let people know the truth… that we are brothers doing the same ministry and not in any competition… I love and respect you bro.. congrats for your hard work.”

Check out the photo

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