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Hopekid has come out to clear the air that he didn’t throw shade at Willy Paul. Speaking to Mpasho.co.ke the singer says Pozze’s music is missed. The kind that he used to release when he was just starting out.

Pozze is my boy pia yeye najua akiwekwa kwa spotlight kunihusu he will definitely throw shade.

Pozze ni msanii and you can’t change him. He leaves in a world where he does the kind of music that he goes through. Nilisema namiss yule Willy Paul wa Sitolia. Yule wa hizi nyimbo alikua naimba na Gloria, huyo ndo Pozze namiss. Na the same thing huyo ndo Willy Paul church mob zinamiss, they miss his music of that time

Adding that:

Nilisema aanze kuimba hizo wimbo zenye church zilimjua nazo because i have no issue with the kind of music he is singing at the end of the day he has a crowd that his songs minister to.


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Hope is also ruling the airwaves with his new hit Pray For Me, a single in which he brought many Kenyan celebrities together.