Willy Paul is a virgin. You read right. The lad who has been spotted around town with the hottest arm candy is actually a virgin.

Singer Willy Paul Is BRAGGING…Again. This Is Why

It would seem Willy Paul is like the kids whose parents bake the sweetest, most colourful confectioneries but they cannot taste them because they have diabetes. Only difference is, his is by choice. It’s actually kinda sad when you think about it, it’s a case of a monk in a whorehouse.

Willy Paul Hints That He Might Leave The Gospel Industry

The superstar was at Clouds Fm where he was interviewed and he revealed that he has never been with a women. He revealed that he an abstinence advocate for youth and would rather he and other youth “took it slow” till they said “I do”.

“Mimi ata sija…SIJAWAI. Sijaoa na sijawai na nangoja nioe. Nkioa ndo labda,”

When put to task about how he overcomes his sexual urges, he simply sang:

“Baby, najua kweli unataka…. Hata na me at some point huwaga nataka…But niko na Baba ndani ya maisha yeah… So inabidi niombe nipate self-control…. Kesho tusipatane na mabad control,”

Watch the full interview in the video below: