What videos were Kenyans watching over the weekend? To answer that, we can turn to Youtube analytics. And allow me to say that the videos are an eclectic mix. From Music videos to political videos and rather interesting videos about deflowering virgins.

For the sake of this list, I will not focus on political videos. Instead, I will focus on lifestyle videos. And Willy Paul has been trending for 2 weeks now. That has seen his video that features Alaine garner nearly 1 million views.

And the videos that are trending are… Drum roll please:

#1. Wily Pau and Alaine


#2. Akothee’s Tucheze

#3. The messed up Churchill live episode that got pulled off air

#4. The BBC interview that was interrupted by children

#5. The Kansoul’s new song


#7. Willy Paul was trending again

#8. How to deflower a virgin





And there you have it ladies and gentlemen. Those are the videos Kenyans are currently watching on high rotation. As they said earlier, I have removed any video that deals with anything of a political nature.