Willy Paul

I am a huge Willy Paul stan. I believe he and I are very similar and though I do not agree with half the stuff he does and the situations he gets himself in, I like his vibe.

Willy Paul
Shirtless Willy Paul posing next to policewomen

He is arrogant and young. Sometimes I feel like he is caught up in his own hubris. But thing is, he is young and still on the journey of finding himself as a man.

And then there is Nyashinski. Talented brother but I cannot say I am a big fan of his. And he will definitely not tell you this but he is the furthest thing from an admirer of my work with Mpasho.

Not after this moto moto story:

MPASHO EXCLUSIVE: Nyashinski reportedly beaten like a rented donkey after being found with an air hostess


Nyashinski however, has been on an undeniable win streak that has seen him mint money off Safaricom who use him for damn near all their events and who can blame them? He has been churning out hit after hit and is a proven crowd puller.

He, however, broke a cardinal rule in Kenya’s entertainment scene: he spoke his truth about a fellow artiste. Nyashinski spoke his truth about some stuff Willy Paul does and mocked him for doing so. Granted, it is one of the things Willy Paul does that are lame but still, a cardinal rule was broken.

Exaggeration meme

Seriously though, Nyashinski laughed at Willy Paul for his “500 likes and I release my song” BS.

Katambe! Nyashinski throws major shade at gospel star, Willy Paul


And Willy Paul upon his arrival back in the country decided he is done being everybody’s whipping boy. He took aim and fired back:


I’m on a new level, like for no reason.. Dm for a life changing chat!!

And he wasn’t done there, he continued on with this missive:


Guys keep running to my DM,we really need to have this life changing chat.If someone doesn’t Respect you and what you do in yo position then he /she is not qualified to get any RESPECT from you,Respect is a 2 way thing .#RESPECTPOZEE I’m the future of Music!!!!

It’s lit!