Kenyans are savages. Willy Paul posted a photo that gives the impression he has tied the knot. How his fans and reverse fans – read haters – reacted can churn your stomach.

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Willy Paul seems to have borrowed a leaf from Bahati who also posted a wedding photo but it later tuned out to be a scene in the Mpenzi music video.

However in his case, the bride in the music video played by Diana Marua, wound up being his ‘Prayer partner’.

Now, Willy Paul has posted wedding photo with the caption.

Willy Paul

“God is good, I know I’ve kept it a secret until now!! I finally did what most men are afraid off doing. Yes I did it last weekend. I’m no longer a bachelor!!! #pozzes!!”

Here are some of the women who have been linked to Willy Paul.

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Kenyans online went ham on him, bila Vaseline.

Janeman Jackson Na bado utakua unatongoza demu wengne na ile nyimbo yako tu. You will be like: “USINIONE NIMEOA, SIJAFIKAAAA!”

Iraitoh Joesse with this CHINISE product au?? but remember only AIDS na makaswende ndo original.. but vitu kma TV, Simu, calculater, nailcutter etc zote ni chinqu!! so hii cartoon itakupa kitu original….

Leah Sherry to hv a wife is not a problem .bwt the great problem is the total number of prayer partners you got earlier before getting this korea material

N Wangari Elizah So I suppose you should be busy knowing more about y’all wife”honeymoon”not thinking surprising us with wedding is an issue …again how can you hide a newly wed..aren’t you proud of her???you’re actually supposed to be hiding yourself tunakujua wewe..
Kris Hondoo And how long did you guys date? Kos I remember just 3mnths ago you were allover the internet with another light skin. Komaa kwanza ndio ukimbilie ndoa kijana. Ngozi ya kudanganya bure.

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