The artist has been under scrutiny, especially with his music choices

Willy Paul stoked the fires of his followers when he posted an image on his Instagram page, of him wearing a kanzu.

The artist wearing a kanzu

The image would inevitably bring him trouble with some of his followers wondering aloud whether he had converted and become a Muslim.

Unataka kuwa Al Shabaab? Willy Paul trolled after wearing kanzu

We called the ‘gospel’ star to find out why he had posted such an image? He said that he likes being fashionable.

I love swag. I am all about the swag. 

Willy Paul
The singer posing

And had he converted and become a Muslim?

Willy Paul refuted that claim saying he was still a Christian. Unlike Willy who is very cool about the whole affair, his gospel counterpart Ringtone was apoplectic about Willy’s post.

Ringtone in priestly garb

He even wrote a message to Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho asking him to help Willy choose a side that he can stick to.

Governor Joho and Willy Paul
Governor Joho and Willy Paul

Here is the open letter he posted on his Instagram page:

Dear @joho_001
I write to you on behalf of Nairobi Christian youth who have always supported @willy.paul.msafi.
Governor Joho, it is believed that you the only one who can help @willy.paul.msafi for he has forsaken Christianity. We want you to help him join Islam because we are all children of one God.
Governor Joho you were elected in Mombasa overwhelmingly by both Christians and Muslims and you being an elder who respects God and religion we know you don’t support people who are nowhere neither Christian nor Muslim. Please speak to him and help him choose one side and advise him to serve God. We hope to hear from you soon on the progress.

Yours faithfully,


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