In Kenya, Willy Paul can only be compared to rapcellency Prezzo when it comes to sleeping around with different women. They’re both champions in this area. Unlike Prezzo, the award-winning gospel singer positions himself as a holy person, yet his actions prove otherwise.

We might not know all the women Willy has slept with, but we wouldn’t be shocked to find out that they are actually many. Below are some of the ladies the Kitanzi singer has allegedly slid into their guavas.

#1. Pendo – 4 years ago when most of us barely knew Willy Paul, rumors surfaced claiming that he had a quickie with socialite Pendo at KICC basement. To date, the two still insist that the story was fake.

Willy Paul with Pendo

#2. Scarlet Leila – Willy Paul apparently dated this lass for quite some time; he allegedly got her pregnant and even advised her to abort the baby. (Read story below)

Exclusive Scandal: “You Had Better Abort My Baby!” Willy Paul Orders Pregnant GirlfriendWilly_Paul

#3. Liz Mwathi – In September last year, Willy Paul caused a scene at some guy’s residence when he stormed into his house demanding to know what was going on between him and this damsel. Read about it HERE.