This festive season will not be a good one for gospel star, Willy Paul. See, the thing is, he did some great work for a promoter who then rewarded him with two bogus cheques, that bounced. with a resounding thud.

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By law, it is an offense to issue out bouncing cheques. Under Section 316A (1)(a) of the Penal Code any person who draws or issues a cheque on an account is guilty of a misdemeanor if the person knew the account has insufficient funds.

This means the gospel star famed for his singles Fanya and Tiga Wana should take the promoters to court for redress.

The promoters that Willy Paul has put on blast were the organisers of the much talked about People of The Nile concert that went down in Kisumu.

According to Willy Paul, the organisers haven’t paid a lot of the other artistes too. Meaning that soon, like very soon, there will be an eruption of demands and by the other artistes. Brace yourselves for a big circus fiasco. Sips green tea.

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Here is what Willy Paul has said about the entire matter.

“Warning to the event organizers of PEOPLE OF THE NILE FESTIVAL that took place recently in KISUMU, if you do not pay me my money today things will get UGLY, you gave me two bouncing cheques and you knew about it and now you Are not picking up my calls.You did this to other artists as well.”



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