Willy Paul’s new song Hallelujah a certified hit, Ringtone vows to ruin it

For every five people that like you and celebrate your successes, there is one that is going to attack you about it.

And this is a truth that has most certainly dawned on Willy Paul. The lad whose musical career seems to keep growing from strength to strength cannot seem to shake the haters. If he as much as coughs, someone will pop up to accuse him of blasphemy.

And he seems to have provided a soft target for Ringtone who has decided to make an entire career of attacking him. The wee lad who is not without blame given the numerous scandals that chase after him seems to have decided to only respond to Ringtone through the success his music provides him but manze ringtone has just decided to ignore the silence.

Willy Paul and Nandy
Willy with Nandi

This time, it is because of his recently released jam Hallelujah which features Tanzanian artiste Nandy. The song has resonated with the audience seeing as it has amassed a mind-boggling 782,000 views in 4 days.

Instead of celebrating the youngins success, Ringtone has decided to declare all-out war on him because of it. Taking to his social media account, Ringtone announced the following: