Willy Paul and Bahati have had the longest running feud Kenya’s entertainment industry has ever seen. The on-again-off-again affair pretty much stems from the fact that they are some two of Kenya’s biggest gospel brands.

So you can imagine just how stiff the competition can get as the two churn out music in the bid to become the voice of Kenya’s youth in matters gospel.
And love them or hate them, one fact that is undeniable is the fact that they have churned out a slew of hits:

Willy Paul recently released a hot new jam titled Digiri which has stoked the flames of debate as people now -as always- argue out whether or not he is a pure gospel artist. Asked for my opinion, I’d say I could care less. He’s talented and his songs are all hits. Let the lad prosper.

And so, knowing that he’s the man of the hour, I reached out to him to find out his stance on a wide variety of topics and trust that I had to ask after his frienemy’s current situation.

Bahati’s Baby Mama Speaks Out IN ANGER After He Flaunts Photos Of Their Toddler! Hapendagi Ujinga

You see, two years ago, Bahati impregnated a lass who he then ran away from. When he was cornered, he had to acquiesce to a paternity test and wouldn’t you believe it, the test confirmed paternity. Alot has been said about the entire affair but I wanted to get to know what Willy Paul thinks of the whole matter. He did speak on it and what he said can be listened to in the audio below: