The artiste has set out conditions for Diamond

Bahati has joined the bandwagon that is urging Willy Paul not to abandon the church.

Willy Paul has on two occasions done live performances with Nandy where he simulated some serious bedroom moves on stage.

Pundits have claimed he has completely crossed over to secular music.

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Asked to comment about the move, Bahati told the hosts of Udaku Sasa at NTV, that Willy Paul who has been his biggest rival in the gospel industry will make his way back to the church in due time.

“I pray for him, all will be well. He is my friend and the Bible says no one can steal what (Jesus) Christ holds in His hands. He will come back,” Bahati said.

Willy Paul and NandyWilly Paul has rebelled against anyone trying to put in the gospel music box. Recently, he sent out a defiant message urging his fans to do as they please. If it is something that brings them joy.

“No turning back, I want to see my die-hards supporting this motion. do what you feel n think is right,” Willy Paul wrote on Instagram.

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