Willy Paul has decided to stick to his word. No more hitting the headlines for controversial reasons. He has decided to follow Jesus Christ.

Willy Paul Has Finally Seen The Light, Here Is Proof

Willy who has been involved in several scandals recently declared that he is a changed man and from the look of things, seems like the ex- scandalous musician has indeed changed and is not going to backslide again nor allow people to tarnish his name.

Willy Paul Weeps Bitterly After A Local Blog Did This To Him

Yesterday, Willy was spotted helping some people he had met on the streets impressing his friends who are now happy that the lost sheep has finally seen the light.

“I help a soul into the kingdom of God.. I feel blessed … today I passed by Embakassi Nairobi and had a little talk with them… I didn’t have money to give to all of them.. but I gave them what money can’t buy them… I gave them the Word of God. Am happy they listened and promised to change.”

He posted on his social media accounts accompanied by the picture