Willy Paul

Aye, so before you start telling me about how late I am with this one allow me this quick missive; I do not give a flying fizzuck. I may be late but there is still time to get onboard the Willy Paul fanboy bus.

I recently came across footage of his performance while he was touring with Safaricom and I was blown away. The wee lad (well, he isn’t wee anymore) pulled all the stops while he was on stage. From bringing out a gang of bikers to a lass decked out in a wedding dress, this guy is all about his craft.

I dare say his performances are worth every penny; something that cannot be said about most Kenyan artists who get on stage and lipsync like we cannot tell the difference.
The guy has amazing vocals, a tremendous work ethic and though he gets caught up in some of the silliest controversies the gospel ministry has seen, I would hazard to say that we forgive him because his stage performances are lit.

You have to love an artist who you can see takes his craft seriously. Check out some of his recent performances below:

And check out some of the photos from his recent performances below: