Willy Paul
Willy Paul

Willy Paul has been under attack by musician Ringtone for the way he behaves. His main contention is that Willy does not behave as a gospel artiste “should”.

Ringtone in priestly garb

He articulatedhis issues with Willy after the “Sitolia” singer posted images of himself shirtless.

“Willy Paul has abused the Holy Spirit” Ringtone declares after singer’s semi-nude photo

He wasn’t alone in his criticism, some Instagram followers also commented on the photo, writing:

Rodneyking.rk:不 不 不 不 I can see you have already joined them 不不不不不, do you know Satan kills and destroys

The singer shirtless

Njorogeevelyne: @pamelaywaya I know what I’m saying but najua the God who showed his greatness in Egypt will show himself to this guy.. I just hate people doing worldly things in the name of our almighty king.. anajificha nini; si akae na msimamo mmoja..
Ruthinahkwamboka48: If this is the way gospel musicians will continue presenting themselves, then we don’t have spiritual artistes in Kenya…people need to change

Willy Paul
The singer

Fredrick_1mboya: Eish!!!!!!!!!!! Ati this is a gospel artiste….
Barasa.fredrick: Tunakupenda bro, but umefanya nichanganyikiwe akii Poze si ukwelii unaimbe gospel ama unaimbe hizi majirani Mungu alikuupa sauti ya kumpa sifa bana but sisemi
Evanahsamuels: @jaythree254 imagine na ni gospel artist anaonyeshana uchi; that’s why nilichanga kuskiza takataka zake
Rhynokambarage: Is this a gospel singer?

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