Willy Paul

Gospel singer Willy Paul is always grabbing headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Willy Paul

Recently the Tamu Tamu hitmaker was exposed for threatening upcoming music group after he stole their concept for his Bora Uhai song.He was also criticized for showing off wads of cash and some of the comments by Kenyans included;

Kenya West: The crazy god who gave Lual Malong Yor Jr money also gave it to Willy Paul. Look at your gospel artist literally worshipping money 💰

Waithera: Ame withdraw pesa yote akuje atuonyeshe then a deposit

Grisean Gee: Gospel ?? Please don’t mock God

Elvy: When you humble yourself God will uplift you

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Well, this time round, Willy Paul has gone beyond the border and last night, he was recorded beating up a female companion outside a residential area.

Willy Paul

In the video, the lady can be heard screaming and calling his name

Willy Paul niache.


The singer barks at her..

WaCha kunishika! Ni nini unaleta drama hapa?

Willy Paul

The lady screams again:

Give me my phone!

Then the artiste smashes her phone on the ground. The drama attracted onlookers and guards guarding the estate came to the scene to intervene but the angry singer pulls the lady who was in the car and slaps her more.

Below is the video:

Mpasho.co.ke reached out to the gospel star for a comment and he blue ticked us. Below is evidence



Willy Paul

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