In the wee hours of Tuesday morning, singer Nandy’s tour bus was involved in an accident.

The bus, was headed to Nandy Festival in Sumbawanga, Tanzania when the accident occurred.

Initial reports indicated that all the headlining acts were on the bus including Juma Nature Artists, Whozu, Stamina, Nandy, Barnaba, Rome, Billnass, Ice Boy and Willy Paul.

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Nandy mourning
The singer mourning

However, Nandy’s manager clarified that the bus was only ferrying the dancers and the back up artistes for the headliners.

“The bus was carrying Band members and Dancers and not the hedlining Artists. So far, those who sustained injuries have been admitted at Mikumi Hospital.”

He added, “No deaths have been reported so far. The journey to Sumbawanga for Nandy Festival will resume later today in the morning.”

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Here are two videos from the freak accident.

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