The artist wearing a kanzu

Willy Paul is becoming like Marmite to Kenyans. They are those who can stand and love him for his antics, while others are unhappy with his straddling of the gospel and secular music genres.

The artist has been under scrutiny, especially with his music choices

And Willy doesn’t really care. Yesterday, he posted an image on his Instagram page of himself wearing a kanzu. The long robe is largely worn by men in Islamic cultures.

The garb can be seen as a symbol of their religion.

His caption betrays a certain sense of bravado and arrogance; something someone who has accomplished as much as he has is allowed.

He cheekily wrote :

I’m i making progress fam??

Willy Paul
Willy Paul posing shirtless
Asking a question like that after posting an image of himself wearing a kanzu, was obviously going to elicit a reaction for the ‘gospel’ singer.
Some of the best are below:

kipkemoi_jumah: progress ya kuchanganya wanaokufuata au…manake mara gospel…mara secular…mara sasa wajivika kanzu na kilemba…yaani mbinguni haupo motoni twakutafuta…..daaah.

sammykyles: Unataka kua alshabaab😂😂😂.

mazaid341: Are you a Muslim?

doktare: Nooooo noooooo that….nope.

raff_mshairi: Wewe ata ukafanya advert ya OMO ati “OMO kunywa ikiwa baridi” walai nitakunywa….All time team pozze🔥🔥🔥.

mercy.joe.58511: Njoo nikunyonye mboo usahao shinda za nduniani.

Willy Paul
Willy Pozze

mickymikechim: Unatusinya harakisha uanze kuimba secular.

aarontamar: @willy.paul.msafi rudi shule ufunzwe kingereza 😂😂😂😂.

chikunafatuma: Kwa wale wanao dhania kuvaa kanzu ni kuwa Muslim nope ni mavazi kama yale mengine eg in naigeria some people wear it as night suite so msiwe na dhamira mbaya kwa mwenzenu yy kavaa kiustarabu @pozee never mind as long your know who you’re worship.

vokeda: Kumbe unakuanga muislam.

violetstacy2: Umeconvert.

That Willy’s real name’s are Wilson Abubakar Radido should not be understated. Many, including musician Ringtone, have already viewed Pozze with suspicion when you consider his middle name.

Willy Paul
The artiste seating pretty

This post while brazen, on Willy’s part, will do little to quieten the rumour that he might be a Muslim.

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