Citizen TV’s Willis Raburu and the love of his life Mary Raburu are in a fitness journey which they have dubbed ‘Lit To Be Fit.’

Raburu recently started a Vlog that has been showing fans what the two of them have been upto….And no, they are not making children.

He and is wife are focused on healthy living and it seems Raburu’s urge to cut weight might have put him into trouble.

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In a recent Vlog, his wife narrated how Raburu had decided to forgo meals including Mary’s mouth watering home-cooked food.

She started off by saying;

‘Sisi hukula sana!’

She added;

“Willis used to eat very well, you know for a lady, when you cook alafu you Serve chakula uone amemaliza, that’s A joy.”

Willis Raburu

Mary went on to narrate when the rains started beating her kitchen;

“So, I’m here cooking, then this guy is just eating the vegetables and the proteins, he’s not eating carbohydrates. I’m like, Willis Raburu, who do you think you are?”

Mary says she’s cut on what she was feeding him and it seems his diet is just on point!

“Later ndio nikaanza ku-adjust. Even when we go for shopping, I know, there are some things I have to cut on.”


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