Marya Prude

Marya Prudence Raburu has shown her humour by posting a series of cartoons depicting a heartbroken husband.

Marya posted a series of cartoons on how Lot, the man from the Bible, dealt with his separation from his wife.

This comes after Citizen TV’s Willis Raburu, for the first time spoke about his marriage.

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Without revealing much Raburu spoke to comedian Jalango about parted ways with his wife.

Jalango asked Willis if he is now dating seeing as his separation with his wife was publicised.

Raburu said,


“What do you mean, I’m dating? Everybody knows my situation. And the only way that will be fair to talk about it is if all parties are here. But when the opportunity arises I will talk about it because, I think that there are ups and downs in everything, there is nothing that is absolutely smooth. And the reason why I will talk about it eventually… when am ready…candid and raw.” 


Now, Marya shared a series of cartoons depicting how sad Lot was after his wife turned into a pillar of salt.

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Check out some Bible story humour to brighten  up your Friday.