Media personality Willis Raburu has for the first time spoken out about his first love, his high school sweetheart.

Willis sat down with MC Jessy on his Youtube channel and spoke about his first love, a lady only identified as Grace.

He narrates how their young puppy love got them in trouble because the school was against boys and girls fraternising.

“You know in high school I used to get in trouble. We used to have a baraza and in this barazas people used to come through and talk. We would give our views. In my school, Chemilil Sugar Academy we used to have rule No. 13 where none academic relations with students of the opposite sex was frowned upon.

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“I challenged the rule. I had a girlfriend. She was crazy. Oh my God Jessy. Huyu girlfriend wangu hakutaka kucheza chini.

“One day, like I said she was hard-headed, she  came and sat on me during preps. At that time when she was sitting on me. It happened that the teacher on duty was passing.”

The next day during the assembly, Willis and Grace were called out to the front.

“High school people were mini devils. I stepped forward with her, we were told we were being sent home on two weeks suspension. In my head, I thought I cannot go home to my father. I went and confined to a teacher that I was not going home. He went and told my dad.

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“My dad sent a Landrover Defender 110 and two police officers they escorted me home. At that time I was the organising secretary of the Christian Union (CU).”

Willis says that most of the preaching from that time forward was done using him as an example of how not to be a Christian. He was also asked to step down from his post as the organising secretary.

“My dad called me and said, Willis we are busy praying for the lord to wash you with the blood of Jesus and you are dreaming about washing (bathing) with your girlfriend. Can you focus on your studies?”

Willis said that despite the suspension, his highschool sweetheart kept calling him.

Asked when was the last time they saw each other, Willis said,

“I meet Grace one time. Just before I joined royal media 10 years ago. . I felt biology (turned on). She is still the same.”

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