Turkana drought

Famine has struck again. There have been more than 10 deaths linked to drought in Turkana county in the past week and Kenyans have called upon the president to declare it a national disaster.

Turkana drought

The government and some personalities have started pay bill numbers urging the public to contribute towards the kitties so as to help our brothers and sisters who’re starving.

Turkana drought

But Citizen TV’s Willis Raburu has made it clear that he is not going to contribute a single cent. He  explains:

My question is, why are we here again?m We were there in 2017,  2018, and why in 2019  are we still here in a situation where people are still asking whether debating on deaths as if they’re just numbers.

He adds:

It is no longer breaking news that there is gonna be droughtI’m telling you n 2020 there will be drought. So are we gonna be here again in 2020 start contributing again? Let us not be enablers. Let’s not enable the government, counties to be lazy and not to work.

If we continue to become silent and fall into contribution and just tweeting and then nothing happens, we gonna be here again. So I want you guys to think really hard about this country.

The drought has been caused by lack of rain for the last 12 months as the county’s water tables have gone down drastically.  The last rain was experienced early April last year.

Two days ago, DP Ruto refuted claims that several people have lost their lives following the current drought situation.

Turkana drought

Kenyans are not happy with the current situation and have aired out their views on the drought that has left quite a number dead.

Radio queen Carol Radull tweeted: When I look at my paycheck and see how much the government takes away from me; and millions others; in the name of PAYE; there is more than enough to feed famine-stricken Kenyans. PLEASE GOK; stop wasting time and use my taxes properly! #WeCannotIgnore

Citizen TV’s Linus Kaikai wrote: If hunger is not killing them, then Govt must immediately stop these Turkanas from working themselves out to death in their air-conditioned gyms.