Willis Raburu

Citizen TV’s presenter Willis Raburu and his wife Mary Ngami alias Marya Prude are not living together, according to a source who spoke to Mpasho.

It is alleged that the two separated a month ago.

A close source who spoke to Mpasho said the couple had issues after Prude learnt that her husband Raburu was cheating.

The source further said that the 10 over 10 presenter used to live in Phenom Estate in Langata together with his wife before the two vacated the house.

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Willis Raburu“In March is when hell broke loose after Raburu told his wife to move out. He is currently living in Kileleshwa with another woman,” the source said.

When asked of the whereabouts of the wife, the source said that she is living in a rented house in Thindigua, Kiambu county.

“What happened is they divided the households items, Raburu then rented a house for Marya and paid a deposit of two months,” the source said.

Marya has since deleted her social media account.

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Willis Raburu and wife Mary
Willis Raburu and wife Mary

The last time Willis shared his wife’s photo was during Mother’s day.

Raburu got married to Marya in an exclusive wedding two years ago which only close friends and family members attended.

In a previous interview, Willis revealed that he had met Mary much earlier than most people thought but didn’t date her then as he was in a relationship with Sally Mbilu at that time whom she had proposed to but broke up after unclear circumstances.

“We met in church, at Jubilee Christian Church through my friend Pablo. He introduced me and when I saw her, I was like ‘Good Lord Hallelujah!’ But even though I noticed her fine-ness, I didn’t do anything as I was still in a relationship. About a year passed by after we met,” Willis said.

Early this year the couple lost their daughter whom they had been expecting after being married for nearly three years.

Willis Raburu

When Mpasho reached out to Raburu, he did not pick our calls but asked to be sent a message which we did.

But only got blue ticks in response.

Efforts to reach Marya for comment were futile.

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