Apart from being a sharp and seasoned politician since his youth we all know that Deputy president William Ruto is a man full of many surprises.

Mr. Ruto surprised many when he turned up as the best man during former cabinet secretary for Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries, Willy Bett’s wedding.

Willy Bett tied the knot on Wednesday evening at an undisclosed location in a private wedding ceremony which was attended by the who is who, among them the former Cabinet Secretary for Education, Professor Jacob Kaimenyi and H.E. Ambassador Phyllis Kandie.

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Traditionally was chosen for his expertise as a swordsman or more of a guard or a watchman. He would stand guard outside the newly weds’ bedroom door on their wedding night as they made their marriage complete by having sexual intercourse.

In a Jewish wedding, the best man was referred to as ‘Shomer’ and his main duty was to make sure the Groom gets to his wedding as relaxed as possible.

Interestingly, according to Wikipedia, In Ukraine, a best man is responsible for guarding the bride during the wedding festivities.

When he or the groom steps away, the bride gets “kidnapped” or has a shoe stolen. Then the groom or the best man must pay a ransom in exchange for returning the bride, or by doing something embarrassing.

As a modern-day best man though, here is a list of what William Ruto was responsible for.

  1. As the best man his duty was to plan a stag do for the groom (He should be the one responsible for organizing Willy Bett’s last big night out before the wedding.)
  2. Make sure the groom has whatever he needs
  3. Giving the best man’s speech
  4. Holding the rings on the wedding day
  5. Sign the marriage license

Well not forgetting the DP was at the late Kenneth Matiba’s requiem mass for the better part of the day, it seems like he had one busy day.

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Below are some of the photos from the wedding.