Licensed firearm holder
Licensed firearm holder

Coast Regional Police Commander Noah Mwavindah said people have been robbed and raped in the three-wheeler vehicles.

He said reports against the gangsters, “who have gone overboard”, is overwhelming.

“They should not regret the consequences of their acts. We are coming for you; be prepared,” Mwavindah said. “Any aggression against any segment of the society will be dealt with accordingly.”

He spoke at the police headquarters in Mombasa during a security briefing on Tuesday.

Mwavindah spoke of covert and overt operations in response to distress calls.

“We will deploy personnel in uniform and in civilian clothes. We are are going to arrest those culprits,” he assured.

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The warning followed the arrest of a boda boda operator last week as he attempted to rape an eight-year-old girl. The victim from Magongo was to be dropped at school after being picked from home at around 7am.

The driver took her to Coral Serena Shanzu instead, where the crime took place.

Security guards manning the area disrupted raised an alarm and beat up the man. Police rescued the culprit and took him to their Bamburi post.

Mwavindah said the driver was arraigned and that “he must face the consequences”.

Speaking separately, Jomvu MP Badi Twalib blamed tuk tuk and boda boda riders for rising cases of teenage pregnancy and drug abuse.

The legislator the dreams of many have been shattered as a result.

“Many have dropped out and engage in menial jobs to stay ‘high'” he said. “An urgent ruthless fight against the incidents is needed,” he said and asked parents to protect their children so they don’t fall prey to drugs.