Wendy Bella

Miss Tourism Kenya Wendy Bella is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to represent the country at the finals of the pageant. She has already shared tidbits on the situation at Asian country.

“Heading to the Historic state of Melaka for a two day trip with my gorgeous roommate Miss Georgia”

Wendy Bella

In my exclusive interview with her, the says that “I’m just putting my best foot forward and putting in work like I always do…but most importantly praying ’cause God anoints the winner and blesses him or her with favor in the eyes of the judges.”

The gorgeous model has a long history in modeling, as seen in an interview she did with eDaily mid last year.

“I started modeling several years back. In primary school. I did it for fun and in high school; it is when I knew I wanted it. I would apply my mother’s lipstick, nail polish. She would beat me up, but I never desisted. I would catwalk in class, especially when the teacher sent me to go rub the chalkboard. I would get caned for that,” she said.

Wendy continued telling me that for her to reach where she is, “it’s a honestly an honor and a true indication that hard work and prayers surely work.”

We do wish her the best as she fights for the crown.

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