githeri-man. photo credit: file

Martin Kimotho who is we all referred to as the ‘Githeriman’ has been the talk of town for the last two weeks.

He brought humour to our lives at a time when there was too much tension over elections.

Well, comedian Jalang’o has come out to write him an open letter.

He tells Githeriman that he is not special neither did he do anything special but Kenyans came together to celebrated what he termed as ‘nothing.’

“Githeriman you are not special neither did you do anything special but you are what I call a “Kenyan Moment “! A Kenyan moment is that moment where Kenyans come together to celebrate nothing , be happy about nothing and anything”

He went on to give examples of people who were celebrated on a short term.

“A few examples are ” Nikama drama ni Kama Vindeo” “Kifi kifi ” bwana yangu ameenda na maji ” and many more…maybe readers will remind me of others in their comments! All of them are gone and forgotten! So people forget Kenyan moments and life goes on! They will soon forget you and move on”

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He went on to advice Githeriman to take everything to his advantage before his fame shades away:

“Make the best out of it now, take everything you are being offered , eat everything, collect everything, accept everything before they forget you! The same people saying this things have not offered you anything and will not!”

The radio personality continued to remind Githeriman the bitter truth, insisting that Kenyans will eventually forget him.

“Soon and very soon as early as next week nobody will talking about you because the brand Getheriman cannot stand beyond 1 month!”

Since Githeriman hit the headlines, he has been treated to the best life as to offer. Let’s just say that he should enjoy the moment while it lasts.

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