Tahidi High's Teacher Mweposi and crew

Tahidi High is one of the most watched local programmes around. TV drama Tahidi High which is aired on Citizen TV every Tuesday at 7:30 pm, depicts what goes on in a normal setting of a Kenyan school.

Tahidi high

Many superstars were nurtured by Tahidi High and some of them include Sarah Hassan (Tanya), Phil Karanja, Abel Mutua (Johnny), DJ Pierra Makena just to mention but a few.

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But, for some actors of Tahidi High, life hasn’t been all rosy. Some of them have been battling alcoholism and Dennis Mugo aka OJ and Omosh were recently rescued after being recalled to work just to save them from the disaster.

Tahidi high

In a recent media interview, Omosh, whose real name is Joseph Kinuthia revealed how he struggled with addiction for 20 years.

“Let’s just say I really consumed a lot of alcohol over the past 20 years. I could not function without alcohol in my system. I remember at times I had to hide from my colleagues to take a sip or tot to be able to function.”



“I could get off stage during a show, or even find an excuse to leave home so that I can take a drink.”

Well, a video of yet another Tahidi High actor Teacher Mweposi totally drunk, staggering and lying in the streets is making rounds online.

Teacher Mweposi
Tahidi High’s Teacher Mweposi lying in the streets

Teacher Mweposi Teacher Mweposi

In the video, he can be heard struggling to say his name and his state has left Kenyans in shock.

A social media by the name Paul K Pablo wrote: 

“I  met him once hapo stage ya Embasaava kaa ame KO (blacked out)”.

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What is really happening to our stars?

Will the newly appointed NACADA board member Chipukeezy do enough to curb addiction?

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Here’s the video