Timmy Tdat

Local rapper Kyki has savagely attacked Tanzanian artiste Rosa Ree for appearing naked in Timmy Tdat’s dirty song dubbed Vitamin U.

Timmy Tdat and Rosa Ree

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In the video that many have vouched to have it deleted from online and the owners punished severely, Rosa Ree can be seen pulling salacious moves on Timmy in a bathtub.

Timmy goes ahead to grab her bare breasts squeezes them and the Tanzanian artiste seems to be enjoying every bit of it.

The two artistes get raunchy in the bathtub while singing. Kyki has lashed out at Rosa Ree, saying she’s a disgrace to women.

She also told her that she will one day regret for accepting to feature in such a video.

Rosa Ree

Taking to Instagram she wrote,

@rosa_ree you are an embarrassment to All Strong African female rappers
You have embarrassed your mother
You have embarrassed the industry @nahreel @aikanavykenzo that raised you
And you misbehaving in Kenya because you will get arrested for such shit in your country
If u never heard about me trust u will on Monday we rap n deliver without taking our clothes off #vitaminu #rosaree #tdat #udaku YOU WILL REGRET 😝 4/11/19.

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Kenyans have also reacted to Timmy’s steamy video and below are the comments;

Bravin Vitamin U by Timmy Tdat X Rosa Ree is a dope song. Even though it’s soft porn, the Video is creative, beats Check, Lyrics on fleek. It’s just a combination of a Madman and a Wild Woman. Amani yangu iko na jamaa alishoot hio video. Huyo msela ana moyo mgumu daddy.

Elvis Mwangi Vile mnaongelea Ethic’s Tarimbo hapa as if Timmy Tdat didn’t release a porn video on YouTube

This is Mboya After watching Timmy Tdat and Rosa Ree’s new project, you will agree with me that some Kenyan artists no longer have strong content for their songs making them opt for nudity for fame. Timmy Tdat’s new song ‘Vitamin U’ is no different from watching an amateur pornographic film.

Kiarie Njoroge Timmy Tdat… Wharrathos?? Everything is going wrong in our country

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