Over the years there have been great reality shows… ‘America’s Got Talent, Next top model, Big Brother…..”

Nairobians deserve a new reality show in the form of ‘Nairobi’s Next Deputy Governor’ and there are a few ideas for the show here. These are some of the competitions that we suggest that contestants should go through

  1. How to collect garbage. Garbage has been a problem in the city for the last few years.
  2. Walking through Luthuli avenue with 50,000 shillings cash in your hand late at night
  3. ‘Spot the chokoraa’ competition
  4. ‘Can you really obey the traffic lights?’ competition
  5. Navigate through traffic when you are 15 minutes late to work
  6. Panda matatu at 5 in the morning with a 1,000/= shilling note
  7. Take a daily shower in an apartment that has no borehole. (You are not allowed to buy water)
  8. “What street lights are working?”
  9. “Run from the Kanjo” race
  10. Dodge the hawkers agility test
  11. Pay the suppliers/employees accounting and math competition

All these competitions will ensure that potential deputy governors will have a real perspective on Nairobi’s challenges. Plus it will be great entertainment. At least we will get to finally watch local TV outside news.