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Kumbe her pals are staying close to her after all the drama of her 24-hour marriage? During a sleepover with her girlfriends, Eunice Njeri revealed why she had to call it quits with rapper Izzo.

Gospel singer Vicky Kitonga got a surprise visit from Eunice Njeri. They had a sleep over that was beamed live on Facebook.

The over an hour long of talking, praying and singing saw Eunice Njeri open up and reveal what really led to her marriage getting annulled.

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Vicky says in the video, “I was telling my girlfriend here, it doesn’t matter what she has been through, God remains God. She will never be able to defend herself, she can only allow God to defend her.”

She continued, “Here I am, as her big sister. It doesn’t matter what your sister may have done. You have to accept them.”

Vicky gave the analogy of the Biblical prodigal son who was accepted back home after leaving and squandering his share of his inheritance.

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She encouraged Eunice to speak her truth because “text has no emotion” referring to her now famous,  ‘marriage annulment’ Instagram post.

Eunice said, “The thing is, if it is not peaceful, it is not peaceful. If you are not peaceful about it do not do it because in the end it is not about you. And if it is not about God, it is not worth it. If it is not about God, it is not supposed to be in your life.”

She continued explaining that “marriage, having kids, having a big house it is all about God.”

Eunice also addressed the issue of leaving her marriage because “her heart is in Africa”.

“I was telling Vicky, If I stopped singing and stopped going to church, I don’t know what I was going to do. And this is what i do. For me, my capacity was Kangemi because I thought I was singing so that Kangemi can know Jesus, but God blew it up.”

So there you have it.

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