Do long distance relationships work? Well, it didn’t work for 29-year-old Eric Omune and the love of his life Jacklyn Bonareri.

It’s alleged that Mr. Omune who is a pilot based in Saudi Arabia, found out that his wife had been cheating on him with her ‘Mpango wa Kando’, a driving instructor and took it to social media to air out their issues by posting photos of his wife and her alleged lover on Facebook.

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“I have a stupid wife. While I am away working hard in Saudi Arabia, she brings men to my house, into our matrimonial bed and sleeps with them. I send her money and she keeps saying she wants more. I give her money, which she gives to her married lover, so her lover is also supporting his wife and kids with my money. The man she is supporting is older than me and quit his job because my wife could support him with my money,” Mr. Omune posted on his Facebook profile

His wife Jacklyn Bonareri however denied the allegations saying that the man in question was just a friend who even helped her when she was sick,adding that her husband is so insecure and that’s marks the end of their marriage.

It’s alleged that Jacklyn Bonareri reported the case at the Bamburi Police Station on Monday July 6, accusing him of spoiling her name on social media.

“Also they are having romantic moments together at the beach while am busy providing better future for my family…what a useless wife is this.

You will die with deadly diseases…that’s my wish and pray to you.” said Mr. Eric Omune.

Was it right for Captain Omune to post photos of his wife and her alleged mpango wa kando on social media? Let us know what you think.