Now that you chose to read this, I know you may be frustrated that the hottest chic you wanted to have in your life ended up going abroad, not to study or work, but to bear kids for an old mzungu. Let’s not even go far. Here in Kenya, you may have been eyeing a petite, well endowed chic in the neighborhood.

She promised you that once she graduates from campus, you’ll be the first to taste the honey pot. Hahaha…then you ended up seeing her post her latest pictures with an old-a** sponsor on Facebook and Instagram. Well, let me teach you why she’ll always flirt with you but always end up giving it to the white, filthy rich guy.

1. You’re a broke man


First things first! If a lady knows that you’re broke and the first priority she has in life is money, you’re messed. I mean, she’ll play with you all she wants and in the end, she’ll move on with another man – preferably white, much to your dismay. When you go for a lady who’s almost the same age as you are, is not employed, this is most likely to happen. She has to weigh options between investing in an indefinite future, or going for ready made, smooth and responsibility-free life. She wants to cruise in a Chrysler and not want to board a matatu with you to Nairobi CBD, feel me homie? Save yourself the pain, bro. Work hard and all the beautiful women you’ve ever wanted will come rushing your way.

2. You are timid


So you’ve made your first move. The next thing you find yourself doing is engaging in shallow conversations about how her day was and what she prefers doing during her free time, a week after you got acquainted! What are you trying to do? Preparing to be a good dad? You should have expressed your interest a long time ago. This makes her feel that you’re not gentleman enough. You do not ask her out on a date, you do not take charge of conversations and worse still, you text her all the time as if you’re idle. This make her feel that you’re inadequate enough. By the time you declare your interest, she’ll have moved on to someone better, again, a white, filthy rich dude. You’ll end up losing your sh*t and being directionless in life due to unreciprocated love.

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