Wilbroda made her name among Kenyans when she got a role on popular Citizen T.V show, Papa Shirandula. The lady whose real names are Jacquey Nyaminde is now doing her own thing, although she contends that she isn’t completely done with the show.

The actress smiling

In a recent exclusive interview with Mpasho.co.ke, the actress spoke about not only her career so far but also the trying times she has had in the past. One area that she had struggled with and succeeded, was her battle with alcohol addiction. She told us:

First and foremost, I will like to say, the reason I stopped drinking then, is because the drinking was taking over me. I don’t have a problem with people drinking, as long as it does not take over your life. Then it is fine. You are good to go, you are good to go.

In a better place at the moment

She added:

That was my major issue then because I realized that the drinking was taking over, it was taking over. So now if you find me seated with a glass of wine, don’t come and ask me, haiya Wilbroda umerudi kukunywa? because sometimes I find that, people are like, Oh my gosh! she is back to drinking!

Wearing a wonderful African necklace

She explained the reason people would react like that?

It’s because Back then I just could n’t say no. But now I can sit for days on end and say that I am gonna have that glass of wine. I can sit for months and say I am not gonna have that glass of wine or drink. That is when you know you are good.

Wilbroda. photo credit: Instagram/nyaminde

Such a great testimony from such a wonderful person and entertainer.

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