Actress Jacquey Nyaminde aka Wilbroda was conned over Ksh 80,000 by an aunt of hers.

She and her family paid the money so that two of her sisters may get a job at Kenya Airways.

“I was conned by an auntie. She was very known to the family and was married to an uncle of mine. When my uncle died, she disappeared and appeared after a while and contacted my mum to tell her that she has a job at KQ. To get the job, your daughters need to take photos and everything will be fine. She even started visiting.”

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The actress smiling

She added, “She’d come to my house and I’d give her things like shoes. She put up a picture of her that she is doing well like she’d have a car with a driver downstairs and we’d be sure she’s doing well.”

Wilbroda is still in shock by how she believed her aunt without getting deep into details, however, the aunt had documents that were fake to show that the job is indeed legit.

“She admitted two of my sisters and that they should only pay 40k each and she even bought them suits. There was a slot for three more people so my mum made calls and we got the three more people. We were really excited that my sisters had finally gotten a job.”


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WilbrodaAfter the aunt pocketed the money, she was nowhere to be found and it finally became a police case.

“After that, we really looked for her because the number she used to call us with was not going through. One day we met her driver and he told us that she just hired her for that day. “

Adding, “So my sister’s friends who helped raise the 40k brought cops to my sister. Yes, she was arrested, and she spent two nights there. And we’ve never found her till now. All this happened five years ago.”

The actress narrated all this to Janjaruka series.

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