Relationships are not easy. They are not meant for the faint hearted. It’s only the strong who survive the storms or the temptations that come along.

A city man has shocked many after he revealed that he forgave his wife for cheating on him with one of his friends. According to the man, he loves his wife so much and he has never cheated on her for the three years they’ve been together. He is the few heaven sent men who don’t have a roving eye.

I Cheated On My First Husband With His Kid Brother. I Think I Am Born To Cheat,’ Confesses City Woman

Read his story below;

“Three years ago, I married my wife. I really love her so much. I can boldly say I’ve never cheated on her before. We have a baby boy and I’m so happy he is a wonderful blessing to me. Early last year, I found out my wife cheated on me with one of her friends. This really hurt me so bad and though I’ve forgiven her, I can’t forget.

She normally travels for assignments which I know of and it can take her a week to two weeks before coming back. We have no issues. Great sex, great spending and she affirms all these and more.

I really do trust her the highest anyone can get but ever since I got to know she could cheat, I’ve been so heart broken. Yes, she apologized but the truthful ones will know an apology is never enough. What if she apologized because she got caught and became extra careful in hiding it? What if she still cheats? What if anytime she travels she still sees the guy? I’ve got a lot in my head.

It’s one thing to get cheated on in dating and courtship but it’s a different ball game in marriage. What do I do? I can’t think straight. This is someone I respected so much and brags about.
I could remember she usually say if there is no trust marriage won’t last. But I trusted her and she took me for a moron. I don’t really get it. You want to be trusted, now you’re trusted but behind you misbehave. What’s the logic? Help a brother”, he wrote.

Here are the comments

Enos: I’m sorry bro, but once a cheat…., u know the rest.

Lynn: These are the kind of guys we pray for yet we get f**kboys keep coming around

Brian: Forgiving is remembering without anger.

Kaka: Betrayal of trust is the most difficult things to forgive and anyone just telling you to forgive and forget hasn’t been in that shoe before. Lastly don’t retaliate, cos karma mite not spare you as easy as someone else. Just calm down, you will heal with time.

Ken: God forgives and forgets your sins. Who are you not to forgive and forget her sins. It’s hard but with the love of God and man. Give her a second chance

Clvy: Only God’s grace can make you to forgive and forget. Keep praying for the grace to live in the present moment and not worry about what if she cheats.. it’s really hard to regain trust once lost.

Sandra: You need grace to forgive totally and forget too. Pray for that Grace. Secondly, remember that Christ has forgiven all your sins and if He was to hold it against you,it would be greater than her cheating. Remember that part of the Bible that says “forgive our sins as we forgive those who have sinned against us”

Cece: This is quite painful, but truly all we can advice is forgive n forget, but I also know it can b the most difficult thing. If u believe she’s willing to make things right then please join effort with her to enjoy a successful marriage. But here’s the bitter truth, if u know u can’t get over it, don’t wait till it gets worse. B. Cos hidden grudges can never yield anything good, its d major cause of domestic violence, high blood pressure n so many things that reduces one’s life span, so I advice u seek a marriage councilor to walk u through this part of your both lives.

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