Rape is a despicable act. One that needs no introduction, what with the recent Metoo# campaign that emanated from the United States, that was aimed at dealing with it and sexual harassment and sexual assault against women.
A bride in Cambodia came face to face with this painful issue when she was raped by a stranger while the man she loved lay dead-drunk on the bed next to her. On the night when she should have been experiencing pure joy and ecstasy, she was violated by a monster pretending to be her husband.
Terrible meme
Terrible meme. photo credit:quickmeme
The suspect, Chhoen Chanseng, climbed into bed with the victim after the groom had fallen asleep in a drunken stupor on a table outside the house in the village of Chhkues in southern Cambodia’s Prey Veng province.
Chhoen Chanseng
Chhoen Chanseng. photo credit: file
With the lights off, the woman, also 18, believed she was having sex with her new husband and they fell asleep next to each other.The unnamed victim had celebrated her nuptials with her husband and had gone to bed before him.
Alleged rapist Chhoen Chanseng reportedly confessed that he saw this as an opportunity to act on his long-suppressed desires. What did the criminal mastermind do after violating the bride? Did he proceed to flee after his ghastly deed? Nooo! He slept right next to her! He wanted seconds!
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Stupidity meme. photo credit:Free a Million Pictures Funniest Memes
Prey Veng province’s deputy police chief Pov Chivy said:

“According to the interrogation report, the suspect admitted that he had loved the bride for a long time, but his family is poor and he did not dare to propose. On the victim’s wedding day, he kept his eyes on the new couple almost every minute because his house is next to the bride’s house.”

The groom’s family have apparently rejected the woman and want the marriage annulled. Is this fair? That I will live with you the jury, but what I do know is that this a sad example of a man who has destroyed the life of one woman, because of his hedonistic lust.

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