Controversial pastor and founder of Neno Evangelism James Nganga and his wife Murugi Mwangi have in a tell-all interview revealed how turbulent the first few years of their marriage was.

Pastor Nganga wed Murugi back in 2012 and for three good years they were at each other’s throats.

Murugi said, “Before I got married, there was no one who was a pastor or married to a pastor in our family. So I did not know how to be a pastor’s wife.”

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She explained,

“When we were courting, the issues we had during courtship followed us into our marriage. Because phone number ni ile ile. The people who were looking for you still do. Their agenda is to spoil for you in tour marriage.”

Murugi continued,

“It got to a point I had to change my number and he changed his, I believe. Marriage is about starting on a clean slate and forgetting the past.”


“When you get married you have to mould each other into what you would both like the other to be.

Now, if you assume that he will just be your husband automatically then you will keep coliding. It is in those collision phases that I ran away from Pastor Nganga.”

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Pator Ng'ang'a with his wife
Pastor Ng’ang’a with his wife

Pastor Nganga revealed that his phone has been the bone of contention in his marriage. It lead to his wife leaving him many times.

Pastor Nganga said, “There is a time I came and found you had carried briefcases [with your belongings].”

She said the anger was the reason for leaving.

“Simu ilinisumbua sana ikipigwa inasumbua mpaka karibu useme iwekwe speaker phone so you know who that is. Once I knew the devil was using that as a way to get to me I decided to ignore anything to do with his phone.”

Pastor Nganga added he doesn’t put a password on his phone either. And it still rings incessantly. Most times from people who want romantic involvement with him.

“I always tell her to read my responses not what has been written because there are times I’m with her and someone calls and says, ‘I love you baby’ and I’m with my wife and I ask the caller why are you calling me baby? And sweetheart?”

One time Murugi ran away from home took the kids and her clothes and a BMW owned by pastor Nganga.

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The pastor narates that he called the cops on her and chased her with the police to retrieve the car.

“Yes. I packed my bags and left with his car many times but he used to come for me with a landrover and police,” Murugi said.

The couple later resolved their drama.

Murugi said being married to Pastor Nganga needs alot of grace. No one can easily fit into her shoes.

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