Risper Faith and Brayo
Risper-Faith-and-Brayo. photo credit: file

Socialite Risper Faith is worth a lot – if the bride price negotiations over the past weekend are anything to go by.

Risper Faith and BrayoThe reality TV star who has pulled mean punches and rolled in the mud with the best of them on the top ratchet TV show, Nairobi Diaries, is set to walk down the aisle.

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Risper Faith and Brayo

The dowry haggling and payment ceremony was held over the weekend. And rumours were rife that Risper’s fiance, Brayo forked out a cool Sh2.5m as bride price.


Risper told Word Is, “I wasn’t there during the negotiations, but Brian told me he paid Sh2.5 million.”

She didn’t want to reveal her fiancé’s full name. She was strongly against people knowing his real name, she stated; “Mwite tu Brayo.”

Check out the house they are building together.

Risper Faith Shows off her massive palace of a home

Risper Faith Shows off her massive palace of a home

Posted by Kiss 100 Kenya on Friday, November 24, 2017

As much as she is a celebrated video vixen, the voluptuous beauty is also an entrepreneur. Risper has shown that she has the chops to be a businesswoman for fast moving goods like booty poppers and liquor. And she is turning a good profit while at it.

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Risper runs a liquor store and sells her own branded water called Liquorice.

“Si maji ni kitu watu hutumia kila siku?” explaining why she got into the branded water business.

Risper Faith and BrayoShe has also opened a club by the same name because “too many clients in my liquor store wanted to drink from it. I didn’t have the licence for them to drink from the store so I opened a club instead.”

And the club is just a month old and from the look of it, it is already thriving.

Listen to the phone interview with Risper.

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