It is called the African Print! It is beautiful, unique and regal.

Gone are the days that Kitenge was worn on the waist and only wrapped on the head.

Kitenges have already made their way to headline-grabbing runways and it has been proven (by creative and dynamic designers) that it is one fabric that can make trendy clothes.

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Many might say it has been overused…But then, its taste still stands. It is one of the most embraced African prints around the continent.

To prove that Kitenge is one of a kind, here are celebrities who’ve made justice to this print;



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Elizabeth Michael

elizabeth m lulu Lulu Lulu

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Sheila Mwanyigha


Hamisa Mobetto

hamisa mobettto hamisa mobetto

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Jokate Mwegelo

jokate 1 jokate(1)


Jacqueline Wolper

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