Julius Wambua, the man who says he was falsely accused and convicted of defiling his then 15-year-old daughter has narrated how the deal was planned by his wife of 28 years.

Speaking to Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo, Wambua said,

“I have 4 children one son three daughters. My wife accused me, at the time we were married for 28 years. I was given a life sentence and to serve at Kamiti Prison.”

Asked why his wife did that, he said;

“I did not know what she was thinking at the time we were fighting over a piece of land we were living in. When I refused, she said she will leave me and in 2007 she left. I was working at Kwal at the time. She took the children after three days.”

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Wambua added that he decided to visit her parents but he was not allowed into the homestead but he would call her and ask her what’s up.

“She eventually said I move on. But I called her father to reconcile but she told me to infront of her dad that the marriage is over and I should move on. So officially we were done.”

Wambua added that in 2009 he married and the two daughters started visiting him.

“They came and asked me if I could live with them so they could to go back to school and when I talked to my wife, she accepted for them to live with us on the condition that they both agree to respect my wife.”

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Wambua said that his wife would come on weekends to visit the kids.

“I did not think much of it because she was coming to visit the daughter. But she was not coming to win me back. But I was ready to take her back.
In 2011, April, the school were about to be closed, and she said that she wants to house them over the holiday. They left for the weekend I instructed them to return on Sunday because i had already paid their tuition.
On Monday, when they had not come back I called my wife, she said she is looking for money for the uniforms. I called her again the next day and she was rude to me and told me to leave the children alone and continue with my married life.”

That was the last day he saw his daughter until when they were produced in court to testify against him. He was sentenced to life over a crime he never committed.

Wambua has since forgiven his wife but the two have never talked or seen each other eye to eye.

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