Daddy Owen
With his wife on their wedding day

Four years ago, Daddy Owen walked down the aisle and married Farida Wambui, whom he had dated for long. The two are blessed with a son.

In a letter to celebrate their four years, Owen described his wife as a supportive and understanding wife.

To my wife Farida I just say thank you for understanding me and being There for me even when i am stubborn or when things don’t go our way, I love how we try the “let’s sit and talk” and make it work though sometimes is really hard but we all know the answer is within us.

I bless the LORD for our sons and the beautiful family we have, all THIS is the LORD’S doing!!

Happy 4Th Anniversary my dear wife, we have been through happy and tough times together, though many will never see or understand but is only the 2 of us who know the Truth but in all things we give thanks to God.

He added that just like any other marriage, they have had fights.

 4 years of happiness together is not a joke! (Is not like we don’t fight.. ) but the most important thing is we know how to reconcile after such moments. I love you ❤️❤️❤️

YOU make tHIs Luhya man so happy when I come home and I find amasebhebhe.. lhisutsa.. omurere.. emiroo.. 😂😂😂
May the LORD bless us with more and lots of wisdom.🙏🙏🙏

Kate Actress reacted to Daddy Owen’s letter and wrote;

Hapo kwa fight wewe Ndio unakaa mchokozi 😂 Happy anniversary guys , That girl is so beautiful in and out . ❤️❤️🙏🏿

Daddy Owen

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