Relationships are not easy. You have to sacrifice a lot of things to make them work.

‘I Can’t Promise Not To Cheat On You Because Even If I Don’t Want To, This Delilahs Will Tempt me to,’ Man Pens Down Heartwarming Message To His Wife

An angry city man says he is fed up with his wife and wants to divorce her. He claims that his wife is a bully and a thief.

woman beating man

He revealed that recently his wife stole money from him to buy human hair weaves and shoes yet the cash was meant for something else.

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He further revealed that she calls him stingy yet he gives her upkeep money – 100k per month.


“My wife stole from me to buy human hair. So I came home with some money last week, and it was not my money, it was supposed to be used in paying workers. It was 270k.  But my wife stole it and used it to buy human hair and shoes.

I confronted her and she denied seeing it , not until I told her that I will go to the juju man and make the person mad since I was suspecting the nanny and maid. Out of anger, I slapped her. Do you all know that she hit me back and called me a stingy man? I think it is time to divorce her. She is a thief and a bully. I give this woman an allowance of 100k every month, how am I stingy? PLEase advice me.”

What would you do if you were in this man’s shoes?

Check out some of the advice people have offered him

Ifemi: Beg her for stealing from him? Apologise for the slap, nothing more!

Adele: Steal to buy human hair? What a shameful act

Emmy: First, she hit you back…Good girl! Now go and solve your family issues

Ayam: She is a selfish and ungrateful woman since you do give her monthly allowance of 100k. If you want to divorce her I stand with you before she sells your family to a buyer

Wanga: All shades of wrong.. Your wife is a thief and a disgrace to womanhood. Let her vomit the money, if not, stop giving her any allowance. No one should come and play that card ” My husband’s money is our money”, so that’s why she took it. Women should get working, being a housewife is old something.

Miraclefoih: Plese forgive her

Sophy: What belongs to the man also belongs to the wife but she should have told you first before touching ur money. That’s bad of her

Queen: I think I can understand this from the lady’s perspective. Let’s assume that the husband make a whole lot of cash monthly then 100k will be like crumbs to the wife and let’s assume they stay in a highly expensive environment, then WE will see that 100k is really small. How will she get her hair made ??? In those kind of places, u get hair and clothes in very high rates. It all depends on the cash made monthly. The bigger the money made monthly, the higher the wife’s allowance. The man can be considered stingy and d wife can also b seen as an ingrate. IT ALL DEPENDS ON THE MANS POCKET. She calls him stingy bcos she knows her husbands worth…….. In cash.

Pearl: Speechless. Dah woman doesn’t respect u.if all u typed here is d truth then U need to make her go out n do something for herself cos if she’s hardworking she wouldn’t spend her money like dah. Even if she earns more she’ll spend according to her important needs. Plus next time u dnt raise ur hands on a woman no matter what. Still finding it hard to believe a woman u give 100k to every month wud steal from you

Victor: To all the UNREASONABLE ladies here, who are from poor families and don’t have enough or zero INCOME and are supporting this so called barbaric “wife” with even insults… I am very ASHAMED of you all because it is mostly girls that family are poor and the girls have less than nothing as income that brag and support NONSENSE!