A widow in Malindi has accused the National Police Service of refusing to pay Sh5 million in rent arrears.

Ms. Eva Kimeo told journalists in Malindi Town Wednesday that the Tourist Police Unit occupied her house for 15 years through a lease agreement but stopped paying rent three years ago without any explanation.

She said the officers vacated the house early this year after notifying her, but the Police Service has not paid the rent arrears to her, while the officers were playing hide and seek games with her.

She appealed to the Inspector General of Police Mr. Hilary Mutyambai to intervene and have her paid so she could renovate the house that was left in a sorry state by the tourist police officers.

“I am appealing to the Inspector General of Police to help me get my money since I am a poor widow and no one is willing to rent the house due to its poor state,” she said.

She said no one had moved into the house since the police officers vacated as it was dilapidated and in dire need of repairs, which she said she could afford if the service paid the rent arrears.

“I rented out my house to the police for 15 years but in January this year they gave me a notice that they would vacate the house, promising to pay me the accumulated rent arrears,” she said.

She noted that an officer who she believes deals with police housing matters at the National Police Headquarters, accompanied by local housing officials, assessed the house and made her sign some documents and present her bill to them.

“However, I have not been paid a single cent since then despite meeting all the conditions required for payment. They owe me Sh5 million because I was not paid for three years,” a tearful Kimeo said.

Malindi officers contacted to comment on the matter referred journalists to the National Police Service headquarters in Nairobi where they said the lease agreement was drawn.

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