“Nairobi will be experiencing sunshine for the next two months” says the weather guys. Over the years, it has been scary news for obvious reasons. We are dependent on rainfall more than we would like to admit. In the past “The city under the sun” was a sign of great weather but now it makes you freaked out.

You know that sometime soon, the maize prices will go up, unga becomes a luxury and ugali goes from becoming a daily meal to a meal you have once a week. In fact, ugali day becomes Sunday. Ugali day replaces chapati day. Western Kenya is in a crisis mode and the region is experiencing riots on the daily “Tunataka ugali… tunataka ugali”.

Showers become group affairs. Instead of having running tap water to wash your hands in hotels, they give you steamed towels exclusively. Now you are taking swimming lessons to save on showering. Money is so much more costly. Having a shower in your house becomes a luxury. In fact, the only water you have comes in the form of soup when you visit your brother from Central Kenya. You still wont invest in solar panels because you are too cool for it. Soon there is power rationing and a power bank is the most precious commodity in these times. In fact, you can now access financing if you have a number of power banks. “We checked the powerbank score… they are eligible to a loan” says the banker.

You cant afford to sweat. “Nitoe jasho ndio niende hasara?” you say in casual conversation with your friends. Chasers at the bar have now become more expensive than actual whiskey. In fact, you don’t find it odd to say “Si tuchangie chaser? Nitanunua whiskey leo”

Water in Nairobi affects almost every aspect of our life and that’s why we need to pray for more rain.

These are just random musings.